Next Performances

15, 16 and 17 March 2018 at the ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi, a beautiful former silent film theater in northern Berlin which, throughout the Golden Twenties, formed part of the Filmstadt Weißensee or Film City frequented by stars like Marlene Dietrich and Fritz Lang. Today it is a hidden relic of 1920’s Berlin.

March 15 2018

with German surtitles

March 16 2018

with English surtitles

March 17 2018

with German surtitles

Dramatis personae

Larissa Offner es Marie Vivier

Larissa Offner is Marie Vivier, a modern Penelope who sits at her Singer sewing machine while she waits for her husband to come back from the war; until she gets tired of waiting.

Alberto Wolf es Martin Dix - Robar el día

Alberto Wolf is Martin Dix, a callow infantryman who enlisted in the German Army just five months ago. Martin is up for anything except for the war to end.

Jordi Robles es Pierre Vivier - Robar el día

Jordi Robles is Pierre Vivier, Marie’s husband, who has been discharged from the French Army after being injured. Before the war he was an ambitious dentist’s assistant full of joi de vivre.

Felipe Orobón es Fritz von Harbou - Robar el día

Felipe Orobón is Fritz von Harbou, a decorated German lieutenant who has been wounded nine times and still going strong. He leads the storm troop to which Martin belongs.

Jorge Alejandro Suárez es Timo Dix y René Danger - Robar el Día

Jorge Alejandro Suárez is Timo Dix, a university professor of topography and a liaison officer in the German Army. He is Martin’s older brother.

Jorge Alejandro is also René Danger, a French police officer.

Production Design

Art director Carmen Delait and stage designer Ana Karen Orozco combine a clear line set in three colors with props inspired by art of the 1910’s.