Robar el día

Northern France, 1918. A seamstress prays that her husband receive a nonlethal wound so that he may be sent back home from the war. This simple act of faith triggers a chain of fateful events involving her French husband and two German soldiers.

In Spanish verse that goes from the austere to the flamboyant, Mexican poet and director Alfredo Félix-Díaz conjures a war-torn landscape that seems spiritually possessed by the forces of nature.

Robar el día is a dramatic meditation on the clash between nature and technology which, a hundred years after the end of World War I, has become a crucial global dilemma.

Cast: Larissa Offner, Felipe Orobón, Jordi Robles, Jorge Alejandro Suárez, Alberto Wolf.  Written and directed by: Alfredo Félix-Díaz.  Art Director: Carmen Delait. Stage Design: Ana Karen Orozco.  Original songs by: Matthieu Tanguay-Carel and Alfredo Félix-Díaz. Official Photographer: Sander Kalverda. Assistant Director: Ángel Esmediche.

We appreciate the support of the Mexican Embassy in Germany, the Institut von Mexiko in Deutschland, the Cervantes Institute in Berlín and Tallercito.

Thanks to Theaterscoutings Berlin for organizing an after-show talk on March 16th.

Thanks to Adam Paquette for condensing three acts full of action and drama in a unique image, and to Nicola Tams for transmuting every verse in the play into German surtitles. Thanks to Pedro D’Agosto for the photos and video of the cast that he shot at the Delphi.

Alfredo Félix-Díaz

Alfredo Félix-Díaz

Born in Mexico City in 1974, Félix-Díaz has published three poetry books: Salve Regina (2001), Si resistimos (2009) and Nada que perder (2013). His poetry has been described as charming, luminous, subtle, attentive to traditional metres and techniques, yet very original and highly personal. He weaves the epic with the colloquial, the classical with the avant-garde. His aesthetic is a charismatic mix of high culture and popular entertainment.

Former professor of Greco-Roman and 20th Century European Literature at Mexico City’’s Ibero-American University, Félix-Díaz also writes screenplays for film and TV.

His short film Another Galaxy won a Special Jury Mention in the 2013 Monterrey Film Festival. He moved to Europe that same year to immerse himself in research and reflection about the so-called Great War. The result of this was the text of his verse play Robar el día or To Steal The Day.

Now he lives between Mexico, Spain, and Germany where, in 2016, the SINAI Orchestral Theatre Ensemble staged Yusuf’s, a piece of lyrical theater based on his libretto. Yusuf’s uses live music, verse and physical theater to bring to life the sufi interpretation of the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife.

You can see Félix-Díaz reading his own poems in Casa de América.